First-Aid, AED, Eyewash & Fire Extinguisher Inspections:

All US employers are required to have their safety equipment inspected at least annually. Understanding, interpreting, and safely executing on OSHA & ANSI guidelines can be a tedious, time-consuming, costly task for employers that requires many hours of research and investment to make the right safety decisions for your business. All businesses in the United States are required to follow OSHA guidelines to ensure the safety of their employees and to reduce liability costs over time.

Bandage-Up streamlines the safety process by:

  1. Assessing the needs of the business
  2. Providing a risk-analysis of the site and its work-environment
  3. Proposing accurate, fair, and effective safety solutions
  4. Creating a closed-loop system to guarantee all your documents are in order for any future inspections done by OSHA.
  5. Procuring, storing, and delivering the equipment and supplies on a just-in-time basis

We make certain to work hand-in-hand with your business to ensure we’re decreasing liability risks, reducing safety costs, and increasing work-place productivity with the right safety solutions.

Due to our high level of service, strong processes, and rigorous documentation, most of our customers choose to have their safety equipment inspected on a monthly basis. Inspection cadence is dependent on the employer’s work-environment, number of employees, production process, and facility.

Contact us today to learn more about our 5 star inspection program that has kept our customers and their employees safe and compliant with state and federal regulations.